Undine: a show for everyone


Undine tells a story of hope, promises, betrayal, and memories. Directed by Tatiana Thaele, this four-movement flute sonata treats audiences to an interplay of narration by Thaele, who also plays the flute, accompanied by Yohan Chun on the piano.

The music, a four-movement flute sonata, was composed by Carl Reinecke while the narration was drawn from the original book of the same name by Friedrich de la Motte Fouqué.  The production follows the story of mythical water spirit Undine and her life and trials as a magical creature living in the human world.

Tatiana Thaele, narrator and flautist for ‘Undine’. Photo: Shraddha Patnala

This well-known story has been given an exciting and inspiring twist by the performers, and promises to evoke powerful and lasting emotions. Thaele and Chun take the audience on a magical journey through Undine’s life with their heartfelt rendition of the music and their expressive narration. The performance also engages the audience with creative visuals by Thaele, which help younger audience members with understanding the story.  

Yohan Chun playing the piano for ‘Undine’

It doesn’t matter if you have never listened to or attended a classical concert before. This professional flute and piano duet welcomes audiences of all ages and encourages those who have not had immediate contact to this genre of music.

Catch their upcoming shows on 30 June at 20:00, and 1 July at 18:00 at the Beethoven Room.   

By Shraddha Patnala