The Village Green Vox Pops


It’s all about the vibe this year at Fest, with visitors and artists from all around the world descending upon Makana to revel in the Grahamstown community’s high spirits and welcoming nature.

The Village Green is a cultural hub of the National Arts fest and just one of the many venues where you can meet and mingle with performers exploring the festival during their down time as well as visitors from across the country and the globe.

2018 marks the first year of the Village Green’s new home at Victoria Park Girls, a move which was argued to open the market up to the wider community.

Entry is free but you get much more than what you pay for with street performances happening daily. Be free to catch the talented buskers, the open mic Standard Bank stage and the variety of stalls ranging from traditional Hindi food to slush puppies and mini donuts! As tempting as it may be to spend your entire budget on exotic delicacies, be sure to browse the countless stalls of handmade arts and crafts.

West Uarije

I am a dancer, from Namibia. I just came for the experience and the dance at Festival.




Nathaniel Kotey and Frank SakaDJ

We are just chilling now. We have a show here at fest – SakaDJ



Matthew Lister

“Monkey’s Raindance”

I am here every fest. It’s still the first day so too early to tell whether the move [to VG] was good or not, but it usually picks up within the next three days


Thomas Lossius, Norway

I’m a student at UCT, I study jazz. I’m not watching anything in particular today, I am just here for the vibe.