The Singing Chameleon discovers his voice

From zero to hero, Chameleon sings and plays the Djembe drum. Photo: Sakhile Dube

“Chameleon, what colour are you? You are ugly,” taunt the other animals, forcing Chameleon to run away. But a bird recognises the sad chameleon and decides to cheer him up with a song — “Music brings joy to people’s hearts”. Chameleon then discovers that he too can sing well.

The Singing Chameleon is an African story adapted from Gcina Mhlophe’s book of the same name, and directed by Oscar Motsikoe.

With smooth percussion, singing and dancing, the performers entertain and interact with the audience, bringing the story to life. The Singing Chameleon uplifts African storytelling, and encourages children to believe in themselves as beautiful individuals who are capable of anything. Chameleon reminds us not to let the bullies get you down, as he eventually uses his music to defeat the wicked Python, and become a hero in the community that initially marginalised him.

Children’s theatre plays a prominent role in social transformation, as well as in teaching African norms and values, that are gradually being eroded as a result of globalisation. But The Singing Chameleon reminds us that African storytelling brings cultures together.

Catch The Singing Chameleon on 5 July at 6.30pm or 6 July at 12pm at the NG Kerk Hall. 

By Sakhile Dube