The Last Laugh Comedy Show: A trilogy of laughter


Three comedians, one stage and one equally hilarious curator: this is what you get when you attend The Last Laugh Comedy Show at the end of every night during the National Arts Festival. Planning on attending? A banquet of enthralling, hair-raising and utterly hilarious jokes is what’s in store for you.

We were treated to brilliant line-up of comedy snippets from Tats Nkonzo, Jaryd Pillay, Robbie Collins and Dalin Olivier as the curator of the show. In attendance were teachers, scholars and a variety of other festival-goers from different walks of life.

The diversity within the audience meant that no stones would be left unturned during this show. The comedy skits covered a variety of topics which were reflective of the audience: from sex and relationships, to high school chronicles – just to mention a few.

If there is one Fest pit-stop everyone needs to visit, it would be the Drill Hall at 22:30 every night for The Last Laugh Comedy Show. There is something for everyone in this show – and you are guaranteed at least one (last) laugh.

By Ncebakazi Ntsokota