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There’s probably going to be a lot of empty plinths in South Africa’s major centres soon – well, if this country’s self-styled landscape decolonisers get their way. The problem is: all those statues of Van Riebeeck will probably end up being replaced by statues of other particularly dour and/or problematic personages. So we want to propose something different: put up some statues of popular artists. But which ones would be most suitable? Here are a few proposals.

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Is satire about freedom of expression or about the freedom to laugh? Should we, as the public be so eager to laugh that we seek entertainment from anything and everything?

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Jonathan Shapiro (Zapiro) is the man who bestowed a leaking shower head on President Jacob Zuma’s paper-and-ink likeness and transformed Democratic Alliance leader Helen Zille into a rampaging representation of GodzillaOne glance at his cartoons will inform you of current affairs and communicate exactly what he thinks. His work offends some and impresses others, but always displays his ability to cut through spin-doctoring and describe recent events in more than words.

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