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Shona Johnson performs in Bitch Stole My Doek in Scout Hall in Grahamstown on 3 July 2015 at the 2015 National Arts Festival. The comedy is a Copy Dog production. (Photo: CUEPIX/Kate Janse van Rensburg)

Are women funny? When asked this question, Shona Johnson of the returning one-woman comedy, B!*ch Stole My Doek, smiles and exclaims: “Of course, we’re funny!” Johnson, who plays the character Salome Wyngard, a disgruntled mother of two from Cape Town, shares her experiences as a woman actor.

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Founders of the Sibikwa Arts Centre Smal Ndaba and Phyllis Klotz present Kwela Bafana + to the Arts Festival again and as the years have gone by this production has metamorphosed. In order to get through times of hardship Klotz’s said, we need to think about the positive and nothing encapsulates such emotions like jazz music did for dwellers of Sophiatown during Apartheid.

– Kawela M’ule

Chi Mhende, Gahlia Philips, Faniswa Yisa and Jennifer Steyn perform in the show "Slowly" at the National Arts Festival, Grahamstown, Friday 11 July 2014. Slowly is by playwright Howard Barker. Photo: CueOnline/Sean Black

Lose yourself in Slowly, a production by director Geoffrey Hyland which masterfully explores the process of disappearing as imagined by British playwright Howard Barker. Aesthetically exceptional and powerfully portrayed, Slowly forces us to ask what we would do in the face of our own demise.

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Aubrey Sekhabi, director and writer of Marikana – The Musical,  talks about his decision to present the massacre as a musical and why he feels this performance is important when reflecting on South Africa’s 20 years of democracy.

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Scottish actor and writer Adura Onashile cuts an elegant figure as Henrietta Lacks. Ebony skin clothed in stark white, blood-red nails, black braids pulled back into a bun and eyes glistening fearfully, she lays her body down onto the cold operating table as her cancerous tumour jerks her body around in pain.

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Andrew Buckland and Liezl de Kock perform in "Crazy in Love." The play deals with the poignant and tragic effects of unrequited love and loss. Photo: CueOnline/Sean Black.

Even if you know nothing about South African theatre you have probably heard the name Andrew Buckland flung around somewhere. The National Arts Festival is, once again, lucky enough to host the immensely talented Buckland and Liezl de Kock, who completes the Crazy in Love duo.

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hip hop

Boom Bap versus Swag Rap is a satire meant to portray the war between mainstream and underground rap, but unfortunately the performance confounds the audience with awkwardness.

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The Rhodes University production at the Student Theatre Festival never fails to draw a crowd. Solo, which follows a mother’s journey to retrieve her drowned daughter, opened to a sold-out house.

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All too often magazines and advertising blitzes portray what we should be striving for when it comes to the shapes and sizes of our bodies. Quintin Wils, director of Wound, confronts this false ideal by showing normal bodies onstage.

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Justin Nurse is no Tolstoy. Nurse, famous for his funny shirts that got him into trouble with a well-known brewer, only has a scrub beard. His debut play, White Guilt, a sometimes funny and often lurid fictionalisation of his wild youth, also flouts a key piece of Tolstoyan dogma: don’t write about sex.

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