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In an opinion piece for Cue, Sihle Mthembu wrote that there was little attention given to recent South African cinema. Mthembu said that the lack of focus on the film programme is a direct result of the fact that there is no Standard Bank Young Artist of the Year Award given for film in 2015.

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Illustration: Sarah Rose De Villiers

Our Constitution is great. So fantastic, in fact, that I carry it around in my handbag. But constitutionality is not an African concept and yesterday’s Think!Fest screening of The Shore Break explored this reality.

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Diorgo Jonkers showcases and sells South African comics at 12 High Street. Photo: Greg Roxburgh.

Diorgo Jonkers sits behind a trestle table of comic books, on the wrong end of High Street, waiting for people to come. A freelance videogame programmer by day, Jonkers, who grew up in Grahamstown and returned two years ago, is the man behind SA Comic Books @ The National Arts Festival, one of the more niche, unofficial events on offer this year.

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Cale Waddacor, a South African urban arts photographer and documentarian, is in town to discuss the role of urban art in public spaces in South Africa. (Photo:Abbey Hudson)

Graffiti isn’t just an outlet for delinquent youths who want to deface public spaces and get famous. This is what Cale Waddacor, one of the foremost urban documentarians in the country, told the audience attending the first day of Think!Fest.

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Clayton Boyd, Suanne Braun and David De Beer in the show I have life – Alison’s journey in Vicky’s venue in Grahamstown for the National Arts Festival on 1 July 2015. The story is based on Marianne Thamm’s book on the violent rape of Alison Botha i

There are quite a few shows at this year’s Festival that deal with gender and sexuality. Here’s a list of 10 of them and a summary of what they’re about and details about where and when you can catch the performances.

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Aubrey Sekhabi, director and writer of Marikana – The Musical,  talks about his decision to present the massacre as a musical and why he feels this performance is important when reflecting on South Africa’s 20 years of democracy.

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Justin Nurse is no Tolstoy. Nurse, famous for his funny shirts that got him into trouble with a well-known brewer, only has a scrub beard. His debut play, White Guilt, a sometimes funny and often lurid fictionalisation of his wild youth, also flouts a key piece of Tolstoyan dogma: don’t write about sex.

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The International Library for African Music (ILAM), in collaboration with the South African Post Office (Sapo) and the National Arts Festival, held a free sundowner concert yesterday and unveiled a set of 10 new postage stamps to honour South African music legends.

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Let’s be frank for a second and admit that any act on the programme that’s performing between the hours of 6pm and midnight on a night that the World Cup is on is in serious risk of a load of empty seats. Last night, hundreds of Festival fanatics crammed the bars of Grahamstown to watch Germany reach the semis (AGAIN), David Luiz fire in a cracker of a goal, a giant bug land on James Rodriguez, and Neymar…let’s not talk about that.

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One of the Squaring The Circle exhibition sites is at 1820 Settlers National Monument. Photo: Hlumela Mkabile

Look carefully: 40 circular aluminium plaques have gone up on the walls of various buildings in Grahamstown as part of an exhibition that seeks to make the city a creative “City Museum”. Curated by the Apartheid Museum in Johannesburg, Squaring the Circle creates a conversation between the cultural and the political in direct response to four decades of Festival.

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