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Clayton Boyd, Suanne Braun and David De Beer in the show I have life – Alison’s journey in Vicky’s venue in Grahamstown for the National Arts Festival on 1 July 2015. The story is based on Marianne Thamm’s book on the violent rape of Alison Botha i

A stage adaptation of “I Have Life – Alison’s Journey” opened at Victoria Theatre on Thursday, 2 July and was received with a standing ovation.

The theatre piece is based on the well-known story of Alison Botha; a woman who was brutally raped and left for dead by two attackers in Port Elizabeth. Following Botha’s attack, she published a best-selling book titled “I Have Life” (as told to Marianne Thamm).

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What is a home? And who or what defines it? From affectionate relationships to disastrous memories, a range of work at Festival explores the concept – how it can be many things, or nothing at all. Seven young performers from the University of the Western Cape tackle this question in Khululekani Emakhaya (“be free in your homes”). Reliving intimate memories, the actresses explore what home means to them – from a mom leaving her child orphaned because of Aids which she contracted when she was raped, to Granny singing away the sorrow before bedtime, and not fitting in because you don’t speak a language.

These personal narratives show how home isn’t necessarily a room or a place – instead it can live in our heart. It is who we surround ourselves with, and where we are ultimately heading in life. Ann, Anthony and Tess Gadd present visual art in Family Dialogue using their individual art styles in a shared studio. Bound by a love for painting, the Gadds’ art shows how home can let you discover what it means to be a family, as well as who you are as an individual.

Ann’s comedic sheep illustrations are different from husband Anthony’s classical paintings of nude women and daughter Tess’s dancing rainbow figures. And when your real home is a foreign planet, virtual reality may be the answer. City Varsity’s The Domain explores how students from different backgrounds create a virtual paradise they can control. In an increasingly unreal world, thanks to the internet, the production explores what it means to be oneself in a space that can be moulded and dictated.

Home, to some a place that provides comfort and a warm bed, may not be as fixed in a world where your personality and space are always changing. It can be an address or state of being, a real or created way of life, and a mysterious concept that leaves us without an answer.

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