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Ably supported by two “Tekkies” and a glass of “Obeys”, charming Tonya Koenderman warmed a small audience on a chilly morning with a brave and lively rendition of a wide range of jazz staples.  MW

An interesting and sensitive drama with competent actors, telling of the struggle between a family and a community caught up in the midst of political ideologies – a story of betrayal! A little confusing at times, but enjoyable nevertheless. GP

This love story production had multiple levels of meaning and was easy to relate to if you have ever been in love. The actors were average but still managed to pull of an entertaining performance. MS

Deals with an encounter with death as experienced by six characters of extremely different cultures and backgrounds. The various narratives contain themes that resonate throughout society, ranging from smoking and stereotypes, to racism and homophobia.  RN

Drama students from Walter Sisulu University recount stories of social strife – including the Soweto Uprising – to interrogate whether, in present times, we are leaving their culture behind and adopting Western culture. The stories are told through narrators, as well as dancing and singing. A colourful production.  PS

This dramatic production casts a critical yet humorous eye on interracial relations as personified by a young, mixed-race couple in Johannesburg. Their marriage is tested by the trials and tribulations that come with negotiating difference in a country with a traumatic history. Simply world-class. LM

While Prima Donna contained interesting moments, the absurdist comedy which the play appeared to strive towards fell a little flat overall. SCR

A couple living past each other, desperate to be loved but also desperate to be free.  How did they lose themselves in this madness?  A strong, emotive script but the performance lacked authentic emotional energy, making it difficult for the audience to engage with the characters portrayed.  LG

Two highly talented actors tell parallel growing-up-in-South Africa stories. They each convincingly play multiple roles with sensitivity and humour. We laugh as Morena talks to his chicken Jeremiah and we cry as David tries to negotiate a relationship with his father.  Cleverly thought out script. Well worth seeing.  Recommended for teens and older.  SL

Well-acted, but largely in isiXhosa.    Very topical with Grahamstown’s rubbish-men on strike.    Un-emptied loo while people talk big about politics.   There is a desire in all our hearts to put aside the old, unsavoury past with its segregation and bucket system, but the old was safe and known, and it put food on the table.  VP

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