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On Saturday 4 July, two middle-aged men were overheard discussing sex workers while standing near the Frontier Hotel taxi rank. “I found two young girls in Durban. They’re willing to come and work during Festival,” one man said. His companion looked anxious. “Don’t worry – they’re fresh; not like the girls from Point Road. They’ll be given clean clothes. Their appearance will be taken care of.”

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Henry Miller said: “Whenever a taboo is broken, something good happens, something vitalising.” This year’s Festival has provided a space for some taboo issues – such as prostitution, colonialism, female circumcision, mental illness, polygamy and initiation – to be addressed. A taboo can be understood as a practice or meaning which is deemed forbidden or unacceptable in society. Gustav Kaltenbrun’s exhibition, Initiation Symbols, consists of paintings and metalwork based on male initiation ceremonies.

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