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The opening song in this piece of music theatre speaks to the unbearable weight of society’s expectations on young people. “I smile because I need to be strong/all the while I soldier along” the ensemble laments. The young cast of this show would undoubtedly know something about that. The show has the same producers as last year’s Ovation-award winning I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change, and on opening night The Hangar was packed.

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I took the stairs at a skip, and as I reached the bottom a voice said to me, “you’re looking spritely!” – and that is how I met Mr Lavender Lane. One thing had led to another… and I was at a National Arts Festival Fringe Arts venue on the off-chance that I could get a seat for Guy Buttery at the door of his 7pm show. It was the 1st of July.

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Arts journalist Adrienne Sichel says pantsula is “very much an urban South African dance form”. Pantsula is the language of the township. Complicated rhythmic formations, gangster swagger and tsotsitaal (scamto) make up the vocabulary of this edgy dance form. Dressed in Converse All Star sneakers, the Poetic Ankles Mapantsula group showcase their fast-paced and complicated pantsula routines in Dlala Majimbozi. The group, part of the Ikhaya Theatre Company, is the oldest pantsula group in Grahamstown.

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