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Founders of the Sibikwa Arts Centre Smal Ndaba and Phyllis Klotz present Kwela Bafana + to the Arts Festival again and as the years have gone by this production has metamorphosed. In order to get through times of hardship Klotz’s said, we need to think about the positive and nothing encapsulates such emotions like jazz music did for dwellers of Sophiatown during Apartheid.

– Kawela M’ule

Good Indian girls don’t get raped. These kinds of perceptions are powerfully challenged in Consenting Silence: Shanti Manjur.

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From the slow hum of the didgeridoo to German dance music, world-renowned beatboxer Tom Thum took his Think!Fest audience on a journey through the continents and sound itself. Performing to a packed lecture theatre, he imitated Indian hand drums, sitars and a Chinese instrument, the guzheng.

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Ayanda Nondlwana and Khaya Kondile in a scene from the show, The Wangai, at the National Arts Festival, Grahamstown, Monday 7 July 2014. Written and directed by Andrew Buckland and Noxolo Donyeli, The Wangai is a colourful, Lorax-inspired adventure story. (Photo: CuePix/Louisa Feiter)

Local theatre company Ubom! is back at the Festival this year with room for just one show – The Wangai. The lively, harmonious and colourful team bring to life the classic Dr Seuss tale in an Eastern Cape setting.

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Basit Shittu, Kamron McClure, Josh Bonzie and Michael Turrentine performing in a scene from Alissa Millar?s play, Miss Evers' Boys, at the National Arts Festival, Grahamstown, Thursday 10 July 2014. The show is about four men African American men taking part in a syphilis study in the 1930s. (Photo: CuePix/Joshua Oates)

Miss Evers’ Boys, the Pulitzer-nominated play by David Feldshuh, brought to Festival by the University of Oklahoma, is a horrifying story of racist exploitation.

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Behind Cue

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at Cue? This video gives you an inside look at the Cue HQ, including the people who make it happen, the fun, the fatigue and everything in between. 

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Trying to act as cool as I could was no easy task, having walked up the steep stone stairway to the Monument’s Guy Butler Theatre, where Arno Carstens said he’d be setting up. I quickly fixed my hair and shirt, hoping to appear presentable before the iconic rock-star duo of Carstens and Francois van Coke, but my words failed me.

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Karabo Mokoena, Lesego Moerane and Gabriel Chauke, members of the BlaqSeed, a musical trio from Johannesburg, presented 'Plantation' at the National Arts Festival 2014. Photo: Carol Kagezi.

If you don’t make the Fringe submission date in January, don’t despair. Acoustic-soul group Blaqseed relied on a bit of luck, on-the-spot planning and tenacity to get themselves heard at this year’s Festival.

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It’s been a rough 10 days for us at Cue Online. The eight of us have been up and down the Village Green with video cameras, taken photos of some exquisite exhibitions, and conducted some audio interviews with truly fascinating people. We even went against our skillset and put together the odd written piece.

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Kasia Vosloo, Karen Logan and Angel Campey. Photo: Sara Steiniger

Angel Campey, Karen Logan and Kasia Vosloo are taking on the male-dominated comedy scene at Festival this year in two very different takes on female comedy. One is Campey’s Yes, Really, Angel, the other Logan and Vosloo’s Dear Breeder.

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