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OLerato’ona Sesing in #ToyiToyi. Photo: CuePix/Niamh Walsh-Vorster

Choreographed by Kieron Jina, #ToyiToyi is a dramatic dance performance that raises serious questions about the politics of the Rainbow Nation. The work, presented by the University of Johannesburg, explores race relations, homosexuality, and rape culture in our country.

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A Young Artist of the Year’s commission both showcases the artist’s work and invites them to push the boundaries of their art form. Moffie unquestionably does both; Bailey Snyman has produced a memorable and remarkable piece of work. He has used dance, sound, spoken word and recorded voice to weave magic realism around a strong narrative base in innovative, disturbing and lyrical ways.

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This one women show by Pam Ngwabeni, shows that the dreams of a township child are for real, regardless of their sexual preference. Calling others names and acting violently towards them, doesn’t change who they are. “Lesbian” doesn’t mean enjoying “less, being” a person, it’s no ticket to kill them one by one. NH

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