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The ADHD rats couldn’t control themselves. They kept pressing the button as if in an automatic frenzy, invariably checking to see if it had worked. After a while, the ordinary rats had realized their reward for pressing the button would only be forthcoming after a short delay. So they stopped. But the ADHD rats could not stop. And as Dr Vivienne Russell will tell you, people with ADHD are just like those rats. “It’s as though they’re not learning from their mistakes,” she says, and her audience is disturbed. That’s because many of them either have ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) or know someone who has it, and Dr Vivienne Russell from Department of Human Biology at UCT is here at Think!fest to talk about the brains of the frenzied rats. The experiment in question was recently repeated with children in Norway who could not stop either.

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Adapted from ‘The World Children’s Prize for the Rights of the Child’ this show is about children telling their life stories through the arts. The performance reminds us of how important it is that children have the freedom to express themselves and stand up for their rights. The title of the performance comes from one of the key performers, Gabatshwane Gumede who started an organisation called Bana Ke Bokamoso (children are the future) which fights for the rights of the child. Well worth watching.

A beautifully performed show which captured the audience’s minds initially, but seemed to lose that grip as it progressed. It has a great message and intentions of exposing the life of prostitution.

Most young musicians kick off their performing careers paying their dues in dingy clubs and pubs. Not so Jesse Clegg: he has launched straight into theatres and concert venues. “Go big, or go home,” he says, not altogether flippantly. His first public performance was at the Klein Karoo National Arts Festival this year; his subsequent shows were in a 1,000-seater theatre at the Joburg Theatre complex.

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