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Comedian and two-time Emmy Award nominee Loyiso Gola takes to the stage and riffs on the state of now (at the expense of one Cue critic). Photo:CuePix/Ruan Scheepers

Loyiso Gola is asking me a question. “What does the review say?” After white people, black people, fat people, women, Standard Bank, the Eastern Cape and a number of sports have been in the cross-hairs, now it’s my turn. I’ve been outed, you see, as a reviewer.

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Kasia Vosloo and Karen Logan in Dear Breeder on 2 July 2015 at the National Arts Festival.  Dear Breeder is a multiple award-winning musical comedy that is as absurd as the art of parenting itself.  (Photo: CuePix/ Amanda Horsfield)

Karen Logan and Kasia Vosloo are seated on the floor playing with a bunch of children’s toys as the audience files in for the morning’s show. They bang drums, toot on plastic horns and cackle at a mechanised monkey; behaviour that would surely earn a klap, or at least some stern words, from even the most lenient parent.

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Rob van Vuuren performs in his three year hit Stand-up Comedy show ‘WHATWHAT’ BY ExploSIV Productions, PG Oliver School Hall, Robinson Street, Grahamstown, 05 July 2015, at the 2015 National Arts Festival. The 2013 Standard Bank Ovation award winning show ‘Whatwhat’ is directed by Tara Notcutt, written by Rob van Vuuren, choreographed by Cleo Notcutt and Music by Gary Thomas. Photo: Cue Pix/Pearla Berg.

When I meet Rob van Vuuren, he is leaping across the stage at PJ’s with his daughter Bijou – they’re “jumping across the river”. Once she has grown tired of this act, and of him, she leaves and Rob starts changing while we chat. Throwing clothes around and gelling his hair, he yammers as if he is in the throes of the last few moments of a game of 30 Seconds. This Festival he is performing the final season of his standup comedy routine, WhatWhat. But he’s far more than a standup.

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Superbly performed children’s theatre. The story follows the feuding twins on their journey to find the stolen water. The hall was constantly filled with giggles, which erupted into full laughter as the children were transported with marvelous imagery and comedic mime. This is entertainment for all ages.

Ilza Lange

Sne Dladla uses musical improvisation in his comedy routine that deals with everyday problems that we all face. By adding a musical element to authentic comedy he creates a more memorable experience. His presence and charisma make for a truly unforgettable experience.

Johnson Mthembu

A fun comedic show which had a younger audience allowing themselves to be subjects of his work. This resulted in a light hearted and fulfilling journey. His insight on the human mind and the power it posses gives one a sense of understanding for this medium to work.

Khanyisa Sigwanda

This production assesses our democracy twenty years after apartheid. It moves from struggle heroes contemplating their sacrifices from beyond the grave, to current controversies such as load shedding and the Marikana Report. The highly original use of language makes for dialogue that keeps the audience in stitches.

Lumumba Mthembu

A fascinating and hilarious one-man comedy about the mating rituals of the modern man. The fast paced performance from Gaetan Schmid, who with his zany wit, shares the differences between the sexes in this sometimes risqué but never boring show. Very entertaining!

Wendy King

Some of the very best of stand-up comedy is at Festival again. This is a proudly South African comedy of topnotch quality. If you are a parent this show is for you. Check Bespoke out at the comedy club. Don’t miss it!

Lee-Anne Knowles

A sweet, light-hearted musical comedy. Simple but enjoyable storyline about a family business of an old-fashioned bar. Occasionally the strong voices of the performers are overwhelmed by loud backing music, particularly Lucy Tops’s sweet clear voice. The only sour note is the reliance on racial stereotypes of Mexicans for the character of Jose.

Anjuli Daya

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