Space Rocks – Sometimes only you can work it out

Before leaving for space, it is important to know about scary things such as Vortex and Void. Photo: Sakhile Dube

Space Rocks follows a passionate little girl, Jinks, and her brother, JoJo, who are engaged in a project about space. They love to invent things, but Jinks is not happy with her mother who always say she messes up the house with her projects. “It’s not a mess, its science!” she yells. After this spat, Jinks is even more keen to escape to space, but JoJo is not ready. In their quest for a better planet they face many challenges, but also tons of fun.

They encounter many life lessons from other celestial bodies: Moon teaches them to stay close to their friends, Mercury says if you want something you have to ask, Uranus tells them sometimes only you can work it out, and Earth is the only planet with life.

Craig Morris, the director of Space Rocks and many other educational plays, feels that it is very important to bring children’s theatre to the fore, and wants it to be taken seriously. Space Rocks ignites a passion for learning, while exploring how children can become independent through theatre.

To find out more what Venus, Saturn, Neptune and Jupiter have to say, catch Space Rocks at the Library Hall from 5-8 July at 1pm.

 By Sakhile Dube