One for the Bucket List

Photo: supplied/NAF

Bucket List is a play about rediscovering what “living” really means. It starts on a slow and, some sight say, even boring footing. This actually complements the characters performance on stage. Actress Avril Cummins’ transformation into the lead character Nora is achieved smoothly and effortlessly.

Nora navigates the performance space convincingly as she performs. She maneuvers her way around the empty stage beautifully as she recreates her spaces. Moreover, as she performs, she manages to bring those spaces to life. The way that the actress transitions from one character to another is quickly and carefully executed.

The choice of music to soundtrack each specific role enhances the overall performance. The suitably ambient lighting changes, combined with the music, soothes the audience and enacts a subtle layer to the characters’ moods. As Cummins goes through each change, a different, more unique character is connected to the crowd in a momentous aura of longing.

Every gesture and move she performs sets the crowd at ease. It makes them burst into joyful giggles and laughter, blowing away the initial slow start. She wins them over… until that sudden and abrupt ending leaves everyone begging for more.

With every seat filled and the room flooding with laughter you bear witness to one of the festival’s most popular demands.

By Oscar Vilanculos