Lambs to the Laughter: Back for more

Lambs to the Laughter: Brad Lang, Eric Jansen, Phil de Lange, Angel Campey, Kate Pinchuck. Photo: Shraddha Patnala

If there ever was a tiny space on the the comic edge of the proverbial knife of political correctness, these comedians are on it. Lambs to the Laughter, directed by Tyson Ngubeni, brings together talent from around the Rainbow Nation.

Casting Grahamstown’s very own Brad Lang and Kate Pinchuck, the roaring performance also casts a rotating crew of comedians such as Angel Campey, Phil de Lange, Schalk Bezuidenhout, Robby Collins, and Gilli Apter among many other talents.

This homegrown production takes political correctness to new heights, and then drops it on its head with brave sketches about race, land, stereotypes, and gender in South Africa, leaving the audience eager for more. “I try to make a show that I would like to watch,” explains Pinchuck after the show.

Pinchuck, Lang, and Ngubeni are all members of the original improv group. Many of the comedians in the line-up have their own shows at this year’s Festival: Angel Campey (Devil’s Advocate), Kate Pinchuck (Medusa Incarnate), and Phil de Lange (The Phil Spectrum).

The lambs perform at the Masonic Front on 1 July at 18:30, 3 July at 20:30, and 4 July at 16:30. Catch the official line-up on their Facebook page: Lambs to the Laughter at Fest 2018!

By Shraddha Patnala