Jersey Boy: Naughty, but nice!

Schalk Bezuidenhout in 'Jersey Boy'. Photo: Hlamvu Yose/Cue

Schalk Bezuidenhout’s Jersey Boy is a must-see for good non-satirical jokes and great action full of energy, funny ambience and curly laughter.

Over the past years Bezuidenhout has mastered his craft and built something of a name for himself. You may have recently seen him roast Somizi on Comedy Central or open for Trevor Noah at the Dome.

In Grahamstown he opened his show by asking if students were here to study survival due to the number of donkeys roaming around.

Schalk Bezuidenhout making actions. photo by: Hlamvu Yose/Cue

He has great audience interaction and engagement. One cannot be present at his show and not laugh the whole way through.

Take, for instance, when he gave a few teenage boys life lessons. Or when he did not hold back when he realised that he had to teach a Mexican tourist a few South African habits. He is an Afrikaans comedian who tries to perfect his English, but is not ashamed to admit that his English is not up to scratch.

Schalk Bezuidenhout. photo by: Hlamvu Yose/Cue

He states clearly that English is seen as a phase amongst Afrikaans people. Such humorous self-deprecation makes one forget about his not-so-broken English.

Schalk is a must-see during the #NAF18. His three shows are packed with never-ending jokes and laughter, with a reward of an extra five minutes to the show.

If you do not understand Afrikaans people and their culture, listeriosis, white privilege and #menaretrash, then Schalk is one of the best comedic teachers on these topics.

by Hlamvu Yose