I Mpilo Ya Mansi: A narrative that flows

I Mpilo Ya Mansi explores the ways of water. Photo: supplied.

I Mpilo Ya Mansi is a project about the way of water, and the product of work made in different coastal cities.

This collective, global, art performance is the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University’s contribution to this year’s Student Theatre programme. I Mpilo Ya Mansi uses theatre and art to reflect on pressing social issues and create awareness.

The focus of the show is a dance representing the Khoisan people. Their heritage within South Africa’s history remains a current topic which, through this work, now also relates to awareness of the ocean’s ecosystems and overfishing.

The Khoisan lived in harmony with nature, and we can learn from their ways.

By Yamkela Ntshoko and Chealsea Moses (Upstart)