Hindsight: After the Fall


Unlike the typical American action movie, Lee Hyung-seung’s Hindsight does not play with the classical action movie conventions. Taking a whole new perspective on the idea of what action movies look and sound like, Hindsight blurs the line of who plays seemingly stagnant roles such as that of protagonist, antagonist, heroine and damsel in distress. Action scenes don’t make use of the usual dramatic music effect during intense scenes.

Quiet as a pin drop. The sound of Taekwondo punches. Snipers with their gunshots and large men wielding knives feel that much more intense. Crisp and palpable.

Personally, the overt silence during intense action scenes thoroughly served to make gut punches, headshots and chest shots seem that much more visceral. Not that there isn’t any music in the production – just never during the most emotionally heightened and intense scenes.

By Chitalu Mwanakatwe