Experience the future in Doghouse

Kirsten Hendricks, an audience-member-turned-performer on the VR stage of Doghouse. Photo: Shraddha Patnala

Creativate, the inaugural digital art festival curated by Toby Shapshak, brings the future to the National Arts Festival this year. One of the offerings, produced by Mads Damsbo, proves to be a exciting feature this year. Doghouse, directed by Johan Knattrup Jensen, puts a new spin on performance arts as it immerses the audience in a virtual reality.

The performers of the show are the audiences themselves, giving each of the five members a choice of characters around the table at an uncomfortable family dinner. The audience-turned-performer is encouraged to choose a character that contradicts their real life, so that the experience is both digital and emotional at the same time.

The familiarity between what your reality and who you are as a person becomes distorted: and this is exactly the aim of the performance.

Sungeni Karonga, an assistant at Urban Projections (a Creativate contributor), proudly agreed the 18-minute sketch is one of the most popular feature at the venue. A member of the audience shared that it is easy to forget that you’re in the real world. This is an exciting production for all ages, and comes with a fair warning of potential motion-sickness.

Be sure to check this production out at Eden Grove. It happens daily every half an hour between 10:00 and 16:00.

By Shraddha Patnala