Eat your heart out Pt IV

Falafel balls found at Pranayum at The Village Green. Photo: Emily Stander/Cue

Sometimes during festivals things can get a little out of hand. This isn’t a bad thing, but sometimes one of those things is that you eat way too much! Here is our top three foods of the day: for if you feel like taking it a little slower.

Falafel balls

This is our second recommendation for Pranayam – and for a very good reason. If you have a taste for wholesome food, this is definitely the place to be.

Falafel balls found at Pranayum at The Village Green. Photo: Emily Stander/Cue

Their falafel balls are succulent spheres which are crunchy, flavourful, and everything you ever need when you think about falafel. They come coated in tzatziki and tahini, and they are laid on and within a bed of crispy lettuce, tomatoes, and peppers. These are for sure one of the best snacks you can find at the Village Green!

Vegan Burrito

For those of you who eat meat – I promise that you will not miss it here. These burritos are delectable creations made with a bean medley, carrots and julienne style cabbage and a tomato and cucumber salsa.

Healthy and spicy vegan burrito, delicious for all occasions. Photo: Emily Stander/Cue

All of this is then topped off with a splendid vegan mayonnaise, and it all comes together to deliver a delectable and filling option. I would highly recommend this for anyone who is looking to try something a little different, and for anyone who follows a vegan or vegetarian diet especially. This one did us good, folks.


What do you do if you feel like a scrumptious treat, but you don’t really want food in your belly right now?

You go and buy a smoothie, of course. It’s the perfect answer! Not too filling, full of nutritious goods, and super flavourful.

Delectable strawberry, blackberry and banana smoothie. Photo: Emily Stander/Cue

The smoothies you find at Village Green are offered in a variety of flavours. They use banana, strawberries, blackberries, peanut butter and a whole lot more fruit and vegetables that come together to give you the perfect snack on the go. They are also a fantastic side to go along with any food that you order as well, so you can get the best of both worlds!

By Emily Stander