Eat your heart out Pt. II


It’s festival time in Grahamstown, which means there will be a huge variety of foods to choose from – especially at the Village Green. Not to worry! Cue is here for you with another top three festival foods to look into – with a sweet twist at the end!

The Pizza Wagon

Pizza is a popular food for a reason. It has everything that you could ever ask for served on one lovely round of dough. It’s cheesy, it’s saucy, it’s delicious! The Pizza Wagon at the Village Green does not forget that – with their wide variety of pizzas to choose from, these lovely people definitely make the best out-of-a-small-oven-in-a-van pizza. Personally, if you are looking for the perfect comfort food, or the perfect food to share with your friends and family, I would definitely recommend dropping by and trying out their fantastic fare.

Potato Tornado

When I was young, I remember my favourite thing about summer (besides the ocean and ice cream) in my town was the swirls of potato on a stick.

It was the perfect snack. Crispy, light, and the perfect thing to take along with you as you walked about doing the things you wanted to do all day. There is a fish and chips stall at the Village Green which offers you this same delight in the middle of winter, and it sure is worth it. Although they were a little crispier than I remember, these little savoury swirls were my favourite walkabout snack of the day. I would definitely suggest stopping by to try these wonderful whirls of happiness.

Chocolate Spring Rolls

Before you go “Ew!”, hear me out. I was also hesitant at first. But trust, it gave a whole new meaning to a seasoned palate when I took my first dive into this riveting little roll. You can choose between a Bar One chocolate or a 5 Star bar to be wrapped in phyllo pastry, fried, and coated with cinnamon. It is as decadent as it sounds, but it is absolutely worth every single bite (especially for those of us who have a sweet tooth). Stop by the Makoy food truck and give it a try, because my life was not complete until I had.

All these foods and more are available at the Standard Bank Village Green Fair, every day from 09:00 – 17:00.

By Emily Stander

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