Daring Art: Sculptor Andrew Ross challenges perspective


The fact that you realise that it’s hard to figure out the message, or that you don’t get the message, is where the message lies.Multidisciplinary sculptor Andrew Ross gave a brief talk on the ethical implications of perspective on his body of work, on Friday 29 July. “I use things”, he said when asked about what his pieces are composed of at the creativate engage line up.  The shift of perception is his trademark. “It’s one thing, you recognise it for something else and then realise what it is later” he added, commenting on the intriguing pictures on display, “some people never realise what it really is”.

Art is not always instantly understood to its core, but Ross’ work is extra challenging to comprehend. His use of minimalistic pieces that take a different form than the usual makes it easy to agree with his claims. He plays around with concepts that require you to challenge your perspective in order to see a piece for what it really is. And while it may require you to take a few steps to the South-West and a 40°head tilt, you might not see that it is, in fact, a 3D figure of a stick man turned upside-down. “I make work for people who don’t have fixed identity,” is his response to who his audience is, further indicating that he enjoys hybridity in his products.

A photograph of Ross’ art. This piece of an upside-down stick man  was made out of cardboard and cement. Photo: Matebello Motantsi

He uses a variety of material for his piece from box to board, plastics, and even cement to sourcing waste material. Ross says that the only fundamental to his creation is the oven he uses to melt raw material. With this oven in sight he is able to create piece from anywhere in the world. “I don’t think creating and exhibiting in South Africa would be a problem.”

Typically, he designs on a computer and brings the concept to fruition by using hands. He does however, employ digital manipulation from time to time to achieve his goal. To reiterate: to challenge perspective.

“In the middle, it’s written “It’s my pleasure instead of you are welcome” – Ross comments on the picture on display and how it challenges the norm. Photo: Matebello Motantsi

Ross is an artist of American Medium.

By Matebello Motantsi