Daniel Mpilo Richards riffing on the Rainbow Nation

Daniel Richards, award-winning performer and comedian. Photo: Supplied

This subtle knife of satire cuts through nearly every racial prejudice, stereotype, and mismanaged loyalty to South African politics.

Daniel Mpilo Richards is back with a combination two of his award-winning satirical shows, The Best of State Fracture and Pay Back the Curry, at this year’s National Arts Festival. Directed by Rob van Vuuren and written by Mike van Graan, it is an explosive social commentary on South Africa. Be it race, social class, language, the media, the economy or misjudged reactions towards any of the above, Richards delivers a fierce portrayal of the people in this country. The show runs smoothly between the singing and the stand-up acts, giving the audience a chance to recoup from the mind-blowing yet simple revelations Richards makes about the “Rainbow Nation”.

Richards presents a brave, young South African spin on comedy despite talking about the struggles citizens face within themselves, and in the larger arena of a racially divided society. The script doesn’t feel the need to restrain itself to political correctness. For the audience it creates a safe space in which to laugh about the atrocious prejudices we often experience (even perhaps when it concerns the person sitting next to us at the Festival!), and leaves room for a rewarding sense of optimism about the country’s future.

The show is internationally-acclaimed, comes highly recommended, and its good grip on South Africa’s political and current affairs makes the performance even more enjoyable. If one show isn’t enough for eager audiences, Richards also performs Land Acts at the Kingswood Theatre (to book: http://bit.ly/2tCqlJs).

Catch The Best of State Fracture and Pay Back the Curry at Drill Hall, 1 July at 19:00, 2 July at 16:00, 3 July at 16:00, 6 July at 10:00 and at 20:30, 7 July at 14:30.

By Shraddha Patnala