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Abbas Ma-azu, a Ghanian trader specialising in handbags.
Photo: Sihle Nthembu

The corner of High Street and Somerset is a melting pot of African tongues. Here, under the shadow of the Drostdy Arch, lies an informal arts and craft market that stretches from Albany Natural Sciences Museum to the Rhodes Art School Gallery. This is a place where Kiswahili mingles with Shona, and isiXhosa dances with Akan.

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On Sunday 5 July festival-goers had a chance to enjoy the ambiance of a different market in town. Atmosphere Market, which is a newly launched monthly market was successful in giving an alternative to the veteran Village Green and Cathedral Markets.

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Children play games outside as part of the Fingo Children's Festival. (Sarah Kingon)

Over 150 bright-eyed and energetic little ones poured into the opening of the Fingo Children’s Festival on Monday, making up an enthusiastic audience for a one-off performance of Fishy Flippers.

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The markets at the National Arts Festival seem to provoke that part in each of us that yearns to purchase impulsively. At every turn there are delightful hand-made crafts on offer, and although some craftspeople enjoy various forms of support, others are left to fend for themselves.

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Impressions of Rorke's Drift exhibition at Monument. Photo: Sara Steiniger.

Carving, etching and printing the life history and legacy of a Zulu community on paper for three decades is a noble and heroic endeavour.

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Beyond the Programme_ Under The Arch

There are dozens and dozens of stores at Festival, but none are more colorful than the ones under the arch. Beyond the Programme takes a look.

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The Eastern Cape Visual Arts Exhibition is a project of the Eastern Cape Department of Arts and Culture. The initiative seeks to showcase local artists at the National Arts Festival.

Everything on display at the exhibition is for sale and every cent will go to the artwork’s creator.

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Not sure what shows are best for your child? Or are you a child at heart and feel like enjoying a bit of family entertainment? This year’s Festival includes at least 18 different events for children of all ages.  There are mimes, clowns, puppet shows, magic shows, arts and craft workshops.

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Adrian Kohler

Fabricate is an extensive and enthralling exhibition of Handspring Puppet Company’s work.

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Sculptor Lindi Arbi desperately needed a second set of hands to work in harmony with hers. She realised they were already in her employ. They belonged to John Mbekela, who worked in her garden at the time.

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