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If you are looking for a “pick-me-up”, brighten your day and spend an hour listening to this talented ensemble of young people. The repertoire ranges from “serious” classical music by composers such as Respighi and Prokofiev, to popular tunes such as The Pink Panther and an Indian raga piece is also performed on sitar and tabla drums. The audience (including Peter Klatzow) were left cheering for an encore.

Niki Botes

An internationally acclaimed AfroSoul singer, who projects a great stage presence that is vital to livemusic performances. Meaningful lyrics interlaced with powerful transcendental beats encourage you to rise from your seat and dance. Each performance is unique musical magic, as he and his band interact with the audience.

Tinika Nuen

Morayks once more delivered with their individual sound: a fusion between African traditional music and jazz. The lead singer, backed by his polished and accomplished band, had the audience singing, dancing, and laughing. All in all, a pleasant musical experience!

Niki Botes

This is not a misleading title: expect to see some skin in this fantastic performance by a handsome duo. The pair humour the audience with several short skits comprised of wonderful musical numbers, dancing, and jokes on South African culture. Wholly impressive and entertaining.

Wendy King

A horror story told to misbehaving children. She carries her house, made from discarded rubbish and plastic bags, on her back, and is accompanied by her underground accomplice Mink. Together they make for an entertaining, occasionally garbled, shocking, piquant, and lively performance of physical theatre.

Jordan Taylor

This dance drama revolves around the phenomenon of language: at once an all-important medium through which we give meaning to the world, but also
a limited one, in that we don’t have the vocabulary to express our deepest experiences. It is a thought-provoking and moving performance by a young
and promising team of performers who kept my attention for the duration of the show.

Niki Botes

Classical jazz group from Mpumalanga. With three vocalists, a drummer, saxophonist, lead guitar, bass, and two keyboard players, they could easily sound disjointed and chaotic. But they manage to perfectly weave together an eclectic combination of sounds and genres. The performers clearly enjoyed themselves, as did the audience.

Jude Daya

This magnificent dance performance tells the story of the South African woman’s history by exploring the physical features of the human foot. It is intense, personal, and tragic, luring the audience in. This piece certainly leaves a strong print on the spectator.

Martin Laubscher


The show starts in complete darkness with people glowing in the dark. It then leads into bright lights, politics, and South African house music. While the first half of the show can be quite monotonous and hard to keep your attention, the second half will surely bring your focus right back.

Zoe Tobie

Two men travel to the Holy Mountain and encounter obstacles that will test their religious views. Excellent acting and great talent in creating realistic and entertaining self-made sound effects, these performers not only portray a narrative, but present a meta-textual reflection. One of the best plays I have ever seen.

Tinika Nuen

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