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As a quartet, they perform very poetic minimalistic music using guitar as their only accompaniment. As a result heavy emphasis is put on the lyrical content of their songs which primarily speak of love and all that comes with it. They keep the audience engaged and harmonise astoundingly as they deliver a soul stirring performance.

Tshepho Ntoane 

The four-day festival guarantees a fun-filled, educational, and highly entertaining experience for the whole family to enjoy at no cost. This year features the Children’s programme with legendary story-teller Gcina Mhlophe, activists and professionals in the Dialogue Sessions, and a medley of music, drama, and dance performances

Andile Nayika 

A thrilling performance, this six voice group seriously delivers the goosebumps they promise! A brilliant, delightfully professional and impressive performance of a wonderful selection of musical pieces. This award winning group doesn’t fail their audience for a moment. A unique and wonderful show.

Lee-Anne Knowles

Three women produce an advice programme to explore the roles of South African women. At times narratives are empowering and touching, but the piece does little other than point out that females are subjugated. There is no real overall clear message or fresh angle to often-used and simplistic themes of feminism.

Lucy Grinker

An excellent performance that is sure to give you goosebumps at least once during the show. She presents the audience with the poetry infused tale of Nomvula, a child with rhythm. Seane is accompanied by Matthew Macfarlane playing energetic and soulful tunes in the background.

Zoe Tobie 

A traditional African dance performance by the Mvanda cultural group. It is joyful and energetic traditional music and dance, aimed to revive African culture through African music and dance. The performance explores a variety of modern, contemporary and indigenous dance.

Urielle Kayumba

An unusual take on the clash between cultures, religion, language and personalities keeps the audience engaged from beginning to end. Strong, emotive performances, supported by a well-written script, containing an easy mix of drama and wit. A Somalian entrepreneur says, “Wrap it nice, and you have business….” This show certainly wraps it nice!

Lisl Griffieon

A dramatic piece about the process of marriage and what follows. Many stereotypes are what make and break relationships, and this is a truth that tends to apply to all cultures. They make use of minimal props which draws your attention to every detail on stage. The Walter Sisulu University Drama Department displays potential for doing exceptional works.

Khanyisa Sigwanda

A tale of the Xhosa culture’s relationship to birds and other animals. Accompanied by an orchestra (largely of woodwind instruments) and choreography, this  is a magical recipe, suitable for the whole family, especially children. At times the narrative is hard to follow, but Indalo gets the heartfelt applause it deserves.

Martin Laubscher 

A one hander can be a tricky quest. Changing between characters needsto be solid and established. Modisana Mabale’s very complex style of writing is something that stood out in his contemporary approach to a Shakespearean style of writing, with underlying subtexts that had depth in meaning but which got lost in translation. Could be spectacular if developed further.

Khanyisa Sigwanda

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