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Justin Sasman performs the trombone in the SA Tribute Big Band and Tutu Puoane performing at the National Arts Festival, DSG Hall, Grahamstown, Sunday 6 July 2014. (Photo: CUEPIX/Kate Janse van Rensburg)

Arts Update is a series of audio packages produced by CueRadio for SAfm, aired on Morning Talk and Afternoon Talk throughout the course of the National Arts Festival in Grahamstown.

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arts update

Arts Update is a series of 10-minute inserts created by Rhodes University Radio Journalism students in collaboration with SAfm during the National Arts Festival. 

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The-Brothers-Streep (1)

Michelle Avenant chats to Dylan Hichens and Simon Van Wyk about their time with The Brothers Streep, from the band’s humble and silly beginnings to what is now their third year of playing The Brothers Streep: Stand-up Musicians at the National Arts Festival.

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Ubu and the Truth Commission first showed in South Africa in 1997 while the country watched as apartheid atrocities were confessed and questioned. The play has travelled across the globe and had relevance for people and nations going through similar processed. Ubu has returned for South Africa’s 20th democratic anniversary.

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Listen to this very musical show in which you’ll get a taste of the sounds from the Village Green, as well as the soothing music of jazz. Tune in and also hear the beat-boxing brilliance of Jamie McDowell and Tom Thum in this show. (09:54)

Catch some of the best of the festival’s musical cabaret in this show, including an interview with Richard Antrobus on his new comedy, Being Norm, and stories on two fringe cabaret performances, Grandma’s Song and You Bet Your Life! (09:50)



The Eastern Cape Visual Arts Exhibition is a project of the Eastern Cape Department of Arts and Culture. The initiative seeks to showcase local artists at the National Arts Festival.

Everything on display at the exhibition is for sale and every cent will go to the artwork’s creator.

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What does it take to make it to the Festival’s Main Programme, and what effort is required to get struggling artists to the Fringe? In today’s show, the Arts Update team delve into these questions. Julia Fish talks to the popular KZN Philharmonic Orchestra, and Ntombi Gotyeleni hits the streets to find out about the nighttime vibe during Fest.

On day 2 of the National Arts Festival, we hunt down conductor Richard Cock to give us a preview of the kids’ concert Peter and the Wolf. Our reporters also investigate why Makana municipality left filling the town’s 500 potholes to the first day of Festival. Ntombi Gotyeleni and Chris Booth also look at how Greek tragedy themes are used in theatre to comment on South African issues. (09:55)


The first Talk Shop episode on SAfm examines 40 years of Festival, while anchor Vimbai Midzi interviews Daniel Friedman — known as Deep Fried Man. Also on the show, you can hear the sights and sounds of Grahamstown, as Chris Booth hits the streets on the opening day of Fest. (10:14)

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