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The National Arts Festival attracts an influx of creative personalities, many who sport an assortment of interesting and colorful hairstyles. This Flawless Friday, Saajida Francis embarked on a quest to the Village Green fair, to discover the most outrageous & interesting hairstyles possible.

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7 weird and wonderful things. Done by: Heather Cameron and Sarah Rose de Villiers

One can find many things at the Village Green. There’s food, clothing, accessories and even a rather pricey life-size beaded lion. The lion’s one of the many weird and wonderful things one can purchase at the market. Here’s an illustration of 7 such objects.

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Photo: Aaliyah Tshabalala

After a brief spell of delicious weather, Grahamstown has finally been plunged into cloud. At night a cold wind scrapes past the Monument and tumbles into town. The streets are emptier now: people walk with their heads bowed and collars turned up. Keeping warm is a luxury – not everybody living here can afford it – but for visitors on a budget it can be done for quite cheap.

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Photo: Tom Draper

Along with the important business of finding accommodation and seeing shows, seeking out food to keep one sustained forms an intrinsic part of the modern Festival. As food forms a vital part of the machinery that keeps a festival going, it’s useful to examine the psychology behind what’s available, who sells it, and who buys it.

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Mervin Kisten owns one of the many stalls at the Village Green. This is his 22nd year at the National Arts Festival. Photo: Greg Roxburgh.

The Transnet Village Green is a hub of action, but Mervin Kisten is a still figure amongst the bustling crowd as he sits serenely in front of his stall.

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Gopi Jivana Das. (Sara Steiniger)

I used to be one of those people that hurriedly walked away when approached by a Hare Krishna devotee. Then I met Gopi Jivana Das while buying chickpea fudge.

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Festival audiences are sometimes more colourful than the art on show. Have a look at the out of the (dye) box hairstyles around the Village Green.

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Every festival brings unique festival fashion inspired by the many clothes on sale at the Village Green. This year the bitter cold has lead hats, scarves, gloves and many other warm winter items to become extremely popular. So, if you want to fest up your wardrobe take a look at these  must-have items at this year’s  National Arts Festival.

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There’s plenty of food for thought at the National Arts Festival, but what about food for mouth? We ventured down to the Village Green to find out what festinos are munching and what they think of it. 

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Apparently you don’t have to ask someone if they’re vegan, because they’ll tell you first. That’s usually because eating out can be a nightmare if restaurants don’t understand veganism or don’t cater for vegans. Vegetarian dishes are a bit easier to find. There are even services that help you find vegan or vegetarian restaurants anywhere in the world. But, the food stalls at the National Arts Festival Village Green only pop up for 11 days. And no, there’s no app. for that – sorry.

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