Blooming in the Winter


The growing crowd eagerly await the opening doors, yet remain patient as if understanding that what they are about to experience will be well worth it. It’s opening night for the Bloom Quartet and the DSG Hall is filled with excited faces, young and old alike. That’s the power of jazz. The ability to captivate seemingly diverse audiences.

The tentative beginnings of the night are quickly overpowered by the soulful sounds of Tineke Postma and the Bloom Quartet filling the space with colour. The name ‘Bloom’ fits the quartet perfectly and captures the band’s essence as it describes the growing and developing aspect of their music. This progression is highly significant for saxophonist, Tineke Postma.

“We’re always looking for adventure, taking risks with our music and not playing on automatic pilots or trying to keep it exciting and challenge each other”.

Drummer Tristan Renfrow of Bloom Quartet captivated the packed DSG Hall with his unique and zealous musical style. Photo: Thandiwe Matyobeni

The Bloom Quartet’s sound is best described as lyrical melodies that stick. It’s the perfect balance of different rhythms and contours that evokes both excitement and tranquillity. This is largely due to the band’s chemistry. Having been playing together for ten years, the Bloom Quartet seem to have mastered the art of harmony and collaboration, with each personality being expressed as eloquently as the next.

“It’s not like there’s one soloist and the rest of the group accompanying. We really consider our group a collective improvisation,” says Postma, describing from where the band’s eclectic energy is harnessed.

Their set comprised a fixed repertoire of songs, uniquely rearranged for each show. Most of the songs are originals by Postma but also includes compositions by the band’s pianist, Marc van Roon.

“We see the songs as a framework and a starting point for us to collaborate together and have a musical dialogue,” says Postma. “It’s more about really creating a musical environment for these songs to tell a story – – to go on a musical journey together”.

Even if you’ve seen the show before, every performance is a new experience, as the band focuses on playing their songs in a different way expressing different ideas depending on the atmosphere.

The band is Marc van Roon (piano), Tineke Postma (sax), Clemens Van Der Feen (bass) and Tristan Renfrew (drums).

By Thandi Matyobeni