Black girls potsoyi jazzing it up

Gorata Chengeta, Julie Nxadi, Kate Janse Van Rensburg & Wairimu Muriithi at the jazz potsoyi on 2 July 2016. (Photo: Lolu Ncukana)

It was a cold evening in Grahamstown, but on the packed-out dancefloor of New Street’s Olde 65, good drink and better music stoked the fires in many a jazz-lover’s heart.

The jazz potsoyi, as it was dubbed by the creators, kicked off on Sunday night. While many believe that the event excludes other races, this wasn’t the case – the event celebrates black women, but everyone is welcome.

Wairimu Muriithi, one of the DJs at the event, explains, “As a collection of black girls, we had a longing to go to a space where we could play and listen to what we want to”.

The potsoyis have been a regular event in the Grahamstown scene recently, but the jazz
edition was the first of the Festival.

Black girls potsoyi was inspired by For Black Girls Only, a space which centres the experiences of black women. As Julie Nxadi, aka DJ Killer Kung-Fu Wulf-Bitch, adds: “There is something that happens when black girls get together, a kind of healing”.

The carefree and accommodating nature of the jazz edition was well-received, with many asking if there would be a second edition. Fear not, there will be a black queer potsoyi this coming week, so keep your eyes and ears peeled.

By Lolu Ncukana