Big Boys: Comedic ruptures, stitches and sutures

Brad Searle (back) and Ash Searle (front)consulting the braai master for help to solve a conundrum in the play. Photo credit: Keegan Frances.

Big Boys the Third Reloaded Rebooted and Reinvented It’s Over and Out is a production which combines dance with a simple to follow, yet relatable plotline about the responsibility of fatherhood and the unbreakable bond which can only exist between siblings. Sounds heavy? Relax. It isn’t, it’s a comedic production. And the final instalment of this trilogy is sure to have you laughing for hours on end. Hype? Well, the production premiered at Kingswood Theatre on Saturday 30 June to a massive audience.

But let’s take a quick detour through the production’s plot. Brad Searle is soon to be a father. The play follows the exploits of Ash Searle as he tries to make Brad aware of the immense responsibility which comes with raising a child. All the while, Brad is more concerned with reminiscing the glory days of The Ash and Brad Show which ended prematurely due to a specific incident.

Turns out Brad and Ash are masters of comedy. Their expertise at rupturing theatre’s fourth wall, generated a number of comedic moments which left the audience in stitches. The comedic moments themselves were incredibly varied and walked a tightrope between the tastes of both adults and children. The brilliancy of these moments was rivalled only by the brilliancy of the dance routines scattered throughout. The energy which Brad and Ash put into each and every dance routine was palpable and members of the audience often responded with raucous applause.

“We basically took what we thought were the favourite parts and highlights from Big Boys 1 and 2, included those into production, and then proceeded to add something new,” Ash said, when asked about the most recent instalment in the franchise. “Basically we’ve added some extra projections, illusions and screen dances while still keeping the recipe from the previous productions.”

And Brad? “It’s our tenth year,” he smiled. “We basically build our whole year around National arts festival. We absolutely love it.”

Watch Big Boys the Third Reloaded Rebooted and Reinvented Its Over and Out on 3 July at 20:00, 4 July 11:30, 5 July 10:00, 6 July 10:00 and 7 July 11:30.

By Keegan Frances