A Rat Race to the countryside


Winner of the 2016 Standard Bank Merit Award, Rat Race returns to Grahamstown. Produced by the Well Worn Theatre Company and starring Ameera Patel and Roberto Pombo, the production tells the story of a stressed-out city rat called Miles, who is sent on holiday by mother to a farm owned by a strong and competent field mouse called Melissa. Here, Miles learns to take life a bit more slowly while subjecting Melissa to his hyped-up mannerisms.

Rat Race is a festival show for the most youngest of audiences, making use of minimum dialogue, physicality and visual cues to tell a simple tale of learning to take life at a slow pace and relax. Patel and Pombo inject constant energy into their performances to create a storytelling spectacle that the little ones should have no problem engaging with.

Catch Rat Race every day until 8 July at 9:30am at the NELM Theatre.

By Samuel Spiller