A Muse: What does love look like when it’s out of reach?


In Ji-woo Jung’s “A Muse”, a nationally renowned poet, 70ish-year-old Lee Jeok-yo, starts taking risks for 16-year old Eun-gyo after she starts working as a cleaner in the home he shares with a disciple, the 30ish-year-old Seo Ji-woo.While a close connection can be felt between the older and younger men, they also both desire Eun-gyo, who is only in high school.

As the young woman hands the older poet a sandwich, the younger man is quick to retort: “You don’t eat bread, teacher.” Lee Jeok-yo shouts: “This is not bread! This is a sandwich, it’s a work of art!”

Seo Ji-woo, an engineering major turned writer, shows his desire for Eun-gyo through mostly physical means. Lee, without touching her once, seems to prefer to show his love for young Eun-gyo through acts of kindness.

You can see the men’s emotional walls begin to soften and breakdown as young Eun-gyo toys with both suitors. It’s a heart-racing and emotional piece that will keep you wondering who will get her in the end.

By Chitalu Mwanakatwe