A Moment in Time – a journey through history

The Magic Bean theatre company lets audiences re-live the past in Makhanda. Photo: Supplied.

This international production by The Magic Bean theatre group takes audiences on a musical and moving journey through recent history.

Beginning in the 1930s, the energetic cast performed period-specific dance routines and songs. One of the highlights  was how diverse the costumes are – each of which incorporate the African themes along with the mostly Western references of the era.

The cast performed their version of the 80s. Photo: Supplied.

The show also added a film element to introduce the decade, showcasing the technological inventions, political struggles, famous artists, and prominent fashion trends. The films provided the context for what the cast would perform, and set a comfortable yet entertaining pace with the choices of music.



Their first international performance at the National Arts Festival has been well-received and audiences compliment the production’s novelty and energy. Although the audience agree that as a new production it needed more space and branding to grow itself, the performance did not drag but instead provided fantastic entertainment.

By Shraddha Patnala