A day in the life: Moms at Fest

Getting down and dirty to doing ‘Art’. Photo: Ikhona Mvaphantsi/Cue


Bathed and ready on a school holiday! Mvaphantsi kids from Grahamstown who hosted their cousins for the first week and weekend of #NAF18, were ready to explore and find out what it was all about. And this meant Mom had to be ready with her taxi and play chaperone for the day.  For seven children between the ages of five and 14 years, today was definitely set to be an adventure.


Arrival at NELM for Story Time

Mvaphantsi kids listening to the stories. Photo: Ikhona Mvaphantsi/Cue

The tooth book story by Dr. Seuss, and The girl without a sound by Buhle Ngaba gave important lessons to the eager young audience. Lessons learnt were on how to take care of your teeth and a ‘big people’s’ lesson on believing in yourself. Children were kept engaged all the time.


JukeBox Junior, run by the company Ginger Cube and held at Memory Hall, was the next stop and seemed to be the highlight of the day. The kids had this to say in their own words:

“The show was amazing. I met a movie star.”

“It was a nice show. We played a good game of lip sync.”

“It was fun and it was dope.”

With the hosts of Jukebox – Krist & Morti. Photo: Ikhona Mvaphantsi/Cue
Getting ready for the lip sync session. Photo: Ikhona Mvaphantsi/Cue


Arrival at the Village Green and everyone is hungry, especially at the sight of the food court. A quick bite to eat and a bill of +-R250 afterwards, with everyone full and excited, we head to the ‘#ART_ IS WHAT MOVES ME’ stage, run by Standard Bank.

Likuwe, approaches the stage manager and requests to dance, and even before the DJ plays the music, he gets going with his best moves.

The Standard Bank stage becomes the kids’ place to be for the next hour and a half as they get their creative juices going with their attempts at painting and sketching, with heartwarming results.

Getting down and dirty to doing ‘Art’. Photo: Ikhona Mvaphantsi/Cue
Art is a serious business judging from these faces. Photo: Ikhona Mvaphantsi/Cue

As the temperature goes down and the sun sets, it is time to go home and for mom to start her day at #NAF18.

By Ikhona Mvaphantsi