Think!Fest The Zulu Crush Dialogues

The Zulu Crush Dialogues

What happens when you give five writers the same book to read and then ask them to create a 10-minute dialogue based on the book? Zulu Crush Dialogues is a Think!Fest presentation of the five different scenarios created by the writers based on their interpretation of Zulu Crush, a book written by Roel Twijnstra about a young Dutch man who falls in love with a Zulu woman, Zandile. She follows him to the Netherlands but do they have their happy ever after?

That depends on which of the five versions of the story you are looking at.

Elly Scheele, a Dutch playwright and screenwriter, doesn’t answer that question. Instead, she reminds us that although love is beautiful, it has its difficulties. We see the couple deal with the tensions of cultural differences, the uncertainty of their future together, and the boundaries that constantly need to be readjusted in relationships.

Zeph Nzama reminds us that love is not always enough to build a life on. We see that although they are in love, Zandile fears her family’s reaction and is hesitant to commit to him.

Zimbabwean Mandisi Gobodi also finds things are complicated as the couple struggle to balance their work and home lives, especially with the dramatic age difference that he writes into the script.

Philisiwe Twijnstra, a South African, gives us a glimpse into the future in which Zandile is plagued by physical and mental health issues. At this point in the dialogues, you’re praying for a happy ending, hoping that love conquers all. Unfortunately, Hannah van Wieringen’s ending is the bleakest of all.

This is a powerful piece of modular theatre that gives a fascinating glimpse into how people interpret what they read.

Siphokazi Zama
Cue student reporter

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