Comedy Standing Up 4 the Youth

Standing Up 4 the Youth

Stand Up 4 Comedy is stand-up ensemble featuring Gavin Kelly, Mo Mothebe, Virgil Prins and Ebenheazer Dibakwane.

It was at last year’s Festival that the group first performed together. Since Prins’ last appearance, he has worked on his set and added new material. Embedded in Prins’ set are the day-to-day challenges that a young person faces. The up-and-coming comic jokes about leaving his call-centre job to do stand-up, his new relationship, and being broke.

Gavin Kelly also addresses financial difficulties. “People get upset when the price of petrol goes up – I get upset when the price of Oros goes up!” he says.

On this particular day, the show’s audience comprises of an older crowd, which poses a challenge. “Have you ever been broke, sir?” Prins asks a balding man in the front row. “No? Never? Well, I’m going to tell you this story anyways.” Prins chuckles.

It’s easy to be an audience member: the expectation is that the comedians make you laugh, catering to your sense of humour. For the comedian, the audience’s expectations can weigh heavily and as funny as you may be, there will always be some hits and misses.

What is admirable about these four is how honestly they handle the misses. When Ebenheazer Dibakwane’s Superman joke isn’t immediately understood, he says, “I’ll work on that joke until you’re laughing”. He continues to take a sip of water and garners a better reaction for his next joke about his friend, Javas.

Mo Mothebe, who also featured in The Very Big Comedy Show 3 on Thursday 9 July, brings to the crew his sharp wit. His area of expertise is making you see the funny in everyday things. His joke about the inappropriateness of naming a baby “John” had me laughing so hard I almost missed the follow one.

Guest comedian’s Tshekedi Monyemore’s hit is his joke about Nigerian Jesus, while George Kuda pokes fun at race-relations: “Apartheid was there but there was no load shedding.”

It is evident when I hear the sound technicians chuckling from the back of the Bowling Club, that these comedians have a knack for jokes their age-mates can relate to.

As a fan of stand-up comedy, I think this group are worth a watch. As they climb the comedy ladder, they’re bound to attract bigger audiences. And with the amount of work they put in, they deserve them.

Gorata Chengeta, Cue reporter

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