Comedy Standing Ovation for The Box Comedy

Standing Ovation for The Box Comedy

I don’t think I stopped laughing once during The Box Comedy. The quips aimed at audience members are hilarious and the improvisation is sharp and witty.

The show appeals to everyone, with a variety of comedians speaking an assortment of languages. Every event has a different line-up, so the material is fresh for every performance. Tuesday’s performance
included Prins, Westleigh Cockrell, Mel Jones and Donovan Goliath.

Host Richelieu Beanouir was on top form, engaging in an amusing conversation with the excited audience. “I know, I’m a coloured guy named after brandy. My family is jealous, especially my four cousins,” he jokes.

The Box Comedy allows audience members to become a part of the show and its humour, through the comedians poking fun at them. Grahamstonians beware: the town becomes an easy target due to a lack of drinkable water and an excess of donkeys. “Jy kan nie die water drink nie, want jy gaan kak,” states Cockrell.

The few technical glitches ended up becoming part of the joke, with comedians effortlessly improvising and extracting laughs. “Is this mic working or do I need to start twerking?” demands Prins, much to the audience’s delight. Stereotypes were also played with and challenged. “People think all coloured guys have been listening to Make the Circle Bigger for the past six years. We don’t even like that song,” says Prins.

I would recommend a seat in the front row if you want to be noticed by the comedians. Anyone with a funny bone will love this show.

Bowling Club, 9 July, 2pm.

Megan Whittington
Cue student reporter.

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