@Fest Review: Messages From Heaven

Review: Messages From Heaven

Forget the headlining acts, the exquisite food and the crowd-pulling theater acts. Forget the colorful and vibrant stalls under the arch. Walk on a little further on the Drostdy lawns, towards the clock tower. You’ll probably miss it – I almost did. It doesn’t have a big, eye-catching sign that stops you in your tracks. It doesn’t have a charismatic stall owner shoving their product down your throat.


Divine Intervention: “Messages from Heaven” is all about hearing from God. Photo: Joseph Minde

A sign reads “Messages From Heaven”. A middle-aged woman, Simone Spyker, invited me to take a seat, to receive a message from “above”. She then proceeded to tell me things about myself, then asking me for confirmation that they were true.

Message from God: The mission gives participants drawings which God has channeled to them.

Message from God: The mission gives participants drawings which God has channeled to them. Photo: Joseph Minde

“You are interested in politics. Are you not?” she confidently asked me. Going on to tell me what my future may hold and who I may be. She then sent me off with a drawing, a warm goodbye and words of encouragement. The cost? Absolutely nothing.

“We operate in the prophetic,” said Spyker, one of the heads of the mission, along with Therese Dixon. They first came to the Festival in 2012. The team consists of “followers of Jesus” who take time out of their normal schedules to spread words of faith and hope. They all come from different churches, but come together for this mission as they have all been “radically touched” and are keen to spread what they have experienced, to a world that they describe as “drowning”.

Spyker told me how messages from above are channeled to them, through the form of words and pictures. Far from being only about predicting the future, they look to spread love, she said. The team excitedly told me about how, a while ago, a youthful man left their stall in tears after they had showered him with words of love and about a dozen hugs.

Many may be skeptical of the Messages from Heaven team’s method . However, they reassure me spreading hope and love is their aim, not fortune-telling. No, not everything they “channeled” about me was true. For example, I am far from organised. Though, the hope they instilled in me was inspiring.

Going to Messages from Heaven doesn’t require you to be religious, it just requires you to be open to a little positive energy.

Joseph Minde

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