Quick Reviews Quick Review: The Borderline

Quick Review: The Borderline

Pierre Van Heerden tells a different side of the story of apartheid. He beautifully illustrates through humour and tragedy the nuances of what it meant to be in the army at that time, using music to deal with his loss and fear.

Coreen Sityebi


Gary Baines 08-07-2015, 08:48

The reviewer has this wholly wrong. A discerning theatregoer can see this production for what it is: a flimsy (pre)text for performing songs from the Beatles songbook.Any relation that the songs have to the plot is incidental.
The storyline is poor and then peters out altogether. The protagonist is a national serviceman who spends his basic training learning a repertoire of Beatles songs rather than to march,parade or shoot.After losing a buddy in an accident, he goes on pass and then AWOL. He suddenly arrives in the UK doing what? You guessed it… performing Beatle songs to an imaginary audience.Van Heerden’s characters are stereotypes and the script trades in cliches.it borders on the puerile…there is nothing subtle or nuanced about it whatsoever. If it owes something to Somewhere on the Border or Tree Aan!, it is the dose of nostalgia. Rather stay home and watch prime-time TV.


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