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One man film

The different aspects of filmmaking are busy enough as they are, but local filmmaker Siviwe Honoboke Mashiyi, from Umtata, has decided to take them all on solo. In his two short films, he plays the role of the writer, producer, director, and actor.

Mashiyi started writing scripts in 2005 and soon realized he had a talent. He is an innovative and optimistic filmmaker in an industry that makes it harder for independent films to succeed. “As a one-man operation I’ve learnt to minimize the cost of shooting films,” he says. “That’s why these two short films (Forgiveness and Did she, or didn’t she?) were no budget films.”

Funding is the biggest obstacle for independent filmmakers, and Mashiyi has overcome this by creatively and economically executing his films.

It’s refreshing to see a real picture without superficial high-definition graphics and special effects. The realism of Mashiyi’s films portrays a grainy projected film style in digitised form.

“It’s the joy of knowing I can teach myself and make films on my own; the process of writing, shooting, directing and editing. I can make films whenever I want and that is what I love about it,” he says.

By Jesame Geldenhuys

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