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One for the kids

The Incredible Journey takes us on an adventure with Tommy, an eleven-year-old boy who lands himself in a sticky situation with a bully. Feeling hopeless, Tommy heads to the library to find some help, and is drawn to a book called The Incredible Journey. “That’s a little obvious, don’t you think?” he asks, poking fun at the title of the production.

Luke Brown performs in the Incredible Journey. Photo: CuePix/Amanda Horsfield

Luke Brown performs in the Incredible Journey. Photo: CuePix/Amanda HorsfieThe audience enters the sold-out venue and is welcomed by three energetic performers, Luke Brown, Nhlanhla Mkhwanazi and Stef Erasmus, jamming to Mi Casa.

He enters the land of Umlingo to prepare himself for the fight. In this fictional land, he and his guides are faced with three tasks that need to be fulfilled before Tommy can be dubbed a hero and defeat the school bully.

Performers infuse their acting, dancing, and impressive musical inserts with humour to tell Tommy’s tale. They demonstrate that props aren’t needed to tell a story, and use their bodies to describe scenes in ways that are accessible for all ages.

The performance is excellently scripted to amuse children and keep adults entertained, all with a minimalistic set that allows the actors to be the main focus.

The story comes to an end with Tommy facing his bully and, instead of engaging in the anticipated fight, apologising and asking to make amends. A good lesson for the children in the audience.

It’s interesting to see Tara Notcutt directing family fare (together with Brian Notcutt), and The Incredible Journey’s Ovation Award is a testament to the success of the performance.

Megan Whittington
Cue student reporter

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