Comedy Not as kak as the title

Not as kak as the title

Many could be dissuaded from watching Belgian actor-director Gaëtan Schmid’s Body Language II: The Mating Game, purely because of the unfortunate name. But Schmid’s production is much better than
its regrettable title.

“Don’t touch the big red button!” says an unnamed presence to a three-year old God. God ignores the warning and pushes anyway.

Then there was the big bang, evolution, a few billion people and finally, modern society where we find ourselves today.

During the hour-long show, Schmid combines comedy and biology to present a doubly captivating and hilarious talk which analyses evolution, body language and the human need for procreation. He uses slideshows, mime, and monologue that results in a clever TED talk-cum-comedy show hybrid.

It could be taken as a comedic version of the American TV show Lie to Me, in which a grumpy British dude goes around fighting crime by reading people’s body language. In Body Language II, Schmid is like the comical Belgian version of the grumpy British dude. He manages to educate the audience on all things body language and makes us laugh at the same time by combining information with comedy.

Schmid is animated, charismatic, a little sweaty, and very funny as he enacts the trials of puberty, explains the biological reason for men seeming to always think about sex, and describes pheromones in action. Bonus points go to him for giving out a free bottle of Belgian beer.

Heather Cameron
Cue student reporter

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