Cinema Miners shot Down still grips audiences

Miners shot Down still grips audiences

Even the Farlam Commission has stated that what took place at Marikana on 9 August 2012 was “tragic”. But Rehad Desai’s Miners Shot Down and, more recently, the director’s response to the Farlam findings lay bare the commission’s shortcomings.


Miners Shot Down, which screened at the Film Festival yesterday, is a gripping documentary about the shooting and killing of 34 miners at Marikana when members of the South African Police Service (SAPS) opened fire. They explained that they acted in self-defence. By marshalling news footage and SAPS records, Desai delivers unavoidable conclusions about Lonmin, its platinumstrength leaders, and its miners.

Desai’s response to the Farlam Report, released this week on behalf of the Marikana Support Campaign, offers 14 findings the judge should have made. “The SAPS officers who murdered miners are still walking the streets of South Africa. They should be immediately suspended”, states Desai in the Marikana
Support Campaign press release.

Nowhere in the Farlam report do the findings point to any accountability of the government or SAPS. The Marikana Support Campaign considers this finding to be “a gross defamation of the miners”.

Thabile Vilakazi
Cue student reporter

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