Dance Love affairs and lovely dancing

Love affairs and lovely dancing

The lighting is dark and dramatic, slipping through reds and blues reflecting the changing emotions of the dancers, who move gracefully across the stage. Another Day is a beautiful and moving love story told through physical theatre. The show, which is produced by FollowSpot Productions, emphasizes song and dance.

A lone singer drifts on and off the stage. Her lover is cheating on her after years of being together; her sadness reverberates through the speakers. The principal dancers are the rogue lover and his new interest, a woman he meets at work. Their duet is physical, combining technique and gymnastic elements.

The lover’s four colleagues dance lyrically with their partners around the passionate new pair. The strong arms of the three men lift and twirl the girls, Dirty Dancing style, over their heads, or just hold them effortlessly in the air. I was entranced by the dancing, and thrilled by the hilarious comedic moments that sporadically took me by surprise.

Sarah Beningfield
Cue student reporter

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