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The Runaway Train Cult is a collective  of accomplished musicians. They  are certainly not a “cover band”, they’re  just so much better. Instead of the usual  note-for-note repetition of the classics,  the musicians “de-compose” and  reconstruct familiar tunes by adding  their particular flavour, ensuring that  your feet keep tapping.

Photo: Henry Engelbrecht

Photo: Henry Engelbrecht

A good example of their ability to  rework the familiar is their take on  the Bad Moon Rising by Creedence  Clearwater Revival. These guys (and girl)  produced a Tom Waits-come-Johnny  Cash infused banger.  In addition to their cover band  prowess, they write their own material  and make an effort to uncover buried  songs from the long-distant past. They  describe their genre as a mingling  of Appalachian country, gypsy,  contemporary folk and bluegrass.

Mandolin player Dan Roberts  describers the band’s name as follows:  “We’re a bit like a runaway train – and  that’s where the name came from”.  Roberts’ Stoep Studios is where the  members of the collective rehearse.  The band was formed to ensure they  kept gigging and got out of confines of  making music in a studio.  Wynand Dawel and Friso Woudstra  are masters on violin and guitar  respectively, and are regulars in the  renowned Radio Kalahari Orkes. Lead  singer Alicia van Dyk, with her June  Carter-esque voicem, adds a great  quality to the mix, demonstrating  that it is possible to rock out with an  accordion. Reynier Prins adds weight  and grit to the rhythm with his double  bass and solid drumming.

Gareth  Wilson from Southern Gypsy Queen  also joined in the jam.  Although the Runaway Train Cult  played to a rather intimate audience,  they did not fail to impress. And as  my companion noted that this band  is a caged lion: they are sure to cause  bedlam with a bigger crowd. So put on  your dancing shoes and head to the  Lowlander.

Nadine Clarke
Cue guest writer

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