@Fest Festival Stats According to Business Owners

Festival Stats According to Business Owners

Grahamstown business owners say Festival attendance is down a bit from last year. “This year is worse than last year. It’s better than normal, but we have targets and we are not meeting them every day,” says Spur spokesperson Wendy Brand.

A spokesperson for The Long Table agrees. “Last year was mammoth; it was the fullest we have ever been. This year it’s a little more comfortable and more relaxing. Festival is becoming an expensive outing.”

Graham Hotel’s Lee-Anne Repinz says the drop coincided with the move from Fiddler’s Green. “I grew up in Grahamstown. Festival used to be massive. When it moved to the Village Green it became separate and things changed.”

Brent Samuels, who sells honey at the Village Green, also believes numbers are down this year. “The streets are dead. There are no longer donkey rides, and less traders and [street] entertainers who usually make people to flock to Grahamstown.” He added that artists can no longer afford to come to Festival due to the inflated costs of attending.

The Festival has yet to officially release numbers on the attendance so far.

Thandi Bombi and Heather Cameron
Cue Student Reporters

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